CBD Lash & Brow Boost Serum

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CBD Lash & Brow Serum works overnight to create stronger hair follicles and facilitate healthy growth of lashes and brows. CBD Lash & Brow Serum is developed with a highly effective combination of Vitamins, Amino acids, and co-enzymes. With longer lashes and brows visible in as little as 2 weeks, This serum helps to combat breakage and loss of current hair, as well as hydrating and strengthening hair to promote healthier growth.

ng and strengthening hair to promote healthier 
- Restores lash and brow hair
- Enhances hair growth at the root
- Vitamins, amino acids and co-enzymes help create stronger hair follicles healthy growth
- Combats breakage and loss of existing hair
- Results visible in as little as 2 weeks
- Contains growth-stimulating ingredients that delivers keratin, amino acids and protein to the follicle
- Ingredients like panthenol and Vitamin E nourish, condition and hydrate
- Brows and lashes are visibly lengthened
- Blend of CoQ10 and Vitamin E restores and protects skin lipids, slows down collagen breakdown and fights wrinkles
- Hydrates and reduces swelling to foster healthier growth
- Amino acids strengthen hair and improve elasticity

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